Team Workspaces FAQ

Did your Todoist Business team just get access to a team workspace? Here are some FAQs to help you get settled in:

Getting started

The biggest difference is that you now have access to a shared workspace with your team – alongside but separate from your personal tasks and projects.

  • Your team workspace is a shared home for your team’s tasks and projects. All the members of your team workspace will be able to see and join the projects there – active and archived. (You can choose to make them private, too.) 
  • In contrast, your personal projects are just for you. Your team can’t see the projects and tasks here unless you specifically choose to share them. If you ever leave the team, you’ll still keep access to your personal projects.

If you’re a team admin, you can now see who has access to team projects and manage roles and permissions in the Members tab of your team settings.

But that just scratches the surface. Learn about all of the new features for teamwork.

  • If you're using the Todoist web app, press ⌘R (macOS) or Control + R (Windows) to refresh the page.
  • If you're using the Todoist desktop or mobile apps, log out and log back in to Todoist. 
  • Update to the latest version of Todoist on all your devices.

If you still don’t have access after following the above steps, get in touch with us.

Shared projects are great for ad hoc collaboration; however, when you work with the same group of people who all need access to the same projects and information, collaboration is best done in a team workspace.

In a team workspace:

  • Collaboration is easier and more transparent with a shared project overview for all members.
  • Referencing projects, sections, and tasks is as easy as sharing a link.
  • Data ownership (what belongs to the team and what belongs to individuals) is crystal clear.
  • There's more control over who can access what from the team Members tab.

We’lll continue to add more collaborative features in the coming months based on real-world feedback from teams like yours.

With the release of team workspaces, we’ll no longer offer the default Team Inbox for Business teams. 

If you had a Team Inbox before, it’s now a regular project in your team workspace that you can rename and edit in any way you like. It’s still shared with all of your current team members, but new members will no longer be added to the project automatically.

If you still want to see your Team Inbox permanently in your sidebar, you can add it to your favorites.

Folders have replaced sub-projects as a shared way to organize your team workspace! 

Group your team projects by client, department, initiative – whatever makes it easiest for your team to find the projects they need.

When you move an existing parent project with sub-projects into your team workspace, we’ll automatically create a folder for them to preserve your project hierarchy.

Using teams

Each account is limited to one free team at a time. You can create as many paid teams as you like, but billing is per team. That means if you have the same member in two different teams on the Business plan, you will be paying for that person twice.

We only recommend creating a second team if you need to collaborate with a different set of people. If you just need to organize your team projects with the same people, try using folders instead.

Folders aren’t quite what you need? Get in touch with our team so we can help you find the right solution.

Because your team is already on the Business plan, you have full access to all of Todoist’s new features for team collaboration including:

  • A shared team workspace
  • Up to 500 team projects
  • Project folders
  • Restricted projects
  • Unlimited team guests
  • Team roles and permissions
  • Centralized member management

Plus, all your team members get access to all Pro features – like task reminders and durations – too!

You can go here to see a full overview of our features and pricing plans.

A team member can see and join all the unrestricted projects in your team workspace and create new ones. Use the member role for full teammates you collaborate with across many projects. 

In contrast, a team guest can only see the projects they’re invited to. Use the guest role for ad hoc collaboration with people outside your team, like clients or freelancers.

This article explains in detail the difference between the team roles and permissions.

Absolutely! People outside of your organization can be invited ad hoc to specific projects as guests for free. 

Because your team is on the Business plan already, you can invite an unlimited number of external users to team projects.

Data and security

The short answer is very secure!

The longer answer, for the more technically-inclined:

When user data is stored in servers and databases, Todoist uses AES 256 encryption. When the data is being sent or received, it is encrypted with TLS 1.1 or above. Data backups on our servers are encrypted with AES256 and signed by RSA with 2048 key length.

Todoist also creates daily automatic backups within the app for our Business plan users, which follow our strict security protocols to prevent unauthorized access.

We also support 2-Factor Authentication to ensure access to your data remains secure.

When you create a team on behalf of an organization, the organization owns the data within it. Admins can control access: everything from assigning roles to removing members to deleting the team itself.

Personal projects (the ones listed under My Projects in your sidebar) are owned and controlled by the individual team member. If you ever leave (or are removed from) your team, you’ll still have access to all your personal projects as these are totally separate from your team projects.

For work tasks that are just for you, we recommend creating private projects in your team workspace that only you can see. That way, those work tasks will show up under your team name when you group or filter by workspace.

You can find the most up-to-date information in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


An important note about billing if you’re in a region with VAT ID

Your current Business plan subscription, billing details, and past invoices have all been ported over to your team workspace settings in the top right corner of your main workspace view.

Nothing changes to your subscription and you'll keep your legacy price (unless you cancel or change your billing cycle). However, the Business plan will become tax-exclusive starting from your next billing period.

To stay exempt from the tax that might apply in your region (e.g. EU/UK), check that the tax ID and billing information entered in the billing settings are still correct. Learn more about VAT-exempt invoices.