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4 Ways to Leave Work On Time Without Feeling Guilty

Working long hours is bad for your health and bad for your work. Here's how to break the habit...

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How to master the #1 job skill that will never be obsolete

The Complete Guide to Deep Work

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Why it's so hard to stop thinking about everything we have to get done (and so easy to forget what we've already accomplished)

The Zeigarnik Effect

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The real measure of any time management technique is whether or not it helps you neglect the right things.

Oliver Burkeman

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Your Todoist Tasks + Email + Calendar = Stress-Free Productivity

Combine the task manager, email, and calendar productivity trifecta.

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The 20% of Productivity Advice That Produces 80% of the Results

Instead of chasing after the latest life hacks, focus on a few key changes that will have an outsized impact on your productivity.

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How to Organize Your Family’s Tasks and Projects With Todoist

Families who to-do list together, stay together

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The Freelancer’s Guide to Todoist

Tips for building a productivity system to run your business, keep clients happy, and do your best work

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The Complete Guide to Staying Productive Using Voice Assistant

How to save time, get stuff done, and have fun with Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant

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Using Todoist to Successfully Manage the Symptoms of ADHD

A successful innovation consultant shares how he relies on Todoist to stay organized and productive in spite of his diagnosis.

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Why Unplugging During the Holidays is Imperative for Your Health

And how to do it this year guilt-free

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Present Bias: Why You Don’t Give a Damn About Your Future Self

And 3 strategies for achieving your long-term goals anyway, according to science

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This Is How We Manage Projects on a Fully Remote Team

Lessons learned managing cross-functional projects on a team of 60 people spread across 23 countries

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13 Creative Ways People Are Using Todoist Boards

Get inspired by real-life examples of Boards in action

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How Coffee Actually Affects Your Productivity

Don't worry – no one's taking your coffee away ☕️😅

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Introducing Todoist Boards

A more visual way to move your projects forward

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To Inbox Zero or Not to Inbox Zero?

We ask 7 tech leaders whether they think inbox zero is worth it

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How Tech Founder Jim Morrison Gets Things Done

The Founder of OneSub, a platform that targets news bias, has used Todoist for 6+ years

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15 Incredibly Simple Desk Exercises You Can Do at Work

How to keep healthy even when your job has you sitting 8+ hours a day

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Why It’s So Hard to Focus at Work (Hint: It’s not you, it’s your workplace)

Few companies invest in protecting their most valuable asset — their team’s attention.

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